At Meraki we rebilt bespoke residential apartments at plush locations in the heart of south Delhi. Meraki boutique residences are aesthetic marvels that define luxury in an entirely unique fashion for our patrons.

Founded by Mr ML Gupta, with his welath of experience founded Rebilt by Meraki which has come come a long way from its beginnings. What started out as passion for elegant design and structural strength turned into a niche for boutique residences of south Delhi under the banner of Rebilt by Meraki.

This passion for delivering a superior experience to our patrons was further cemented in our core philosophy by Mr Gagan Gupta who is a Professional Designer with a Masters in Marketing Management.

Rebilt offers you highest standards of professionalism, principles, quality and client experience with the perfect combination of financial wisdom and insights on one hand and design expertise on the other.

We are a team of highly motivated professionals including several Architects, Civil Engineers and Interior Designers with a combined experience of more than 40 years in the industry, who understands that form always follows function and believes that exceptional design is the result of innovation, creative vision and resolute dexterity.
Working with Rebilt means partnering with a team of professionals who believes that success is achieved by cultivating authentic relationships through integrity and commitment


We constantly strive to be the trendsetters of our industry.
Our vision is to be the pioneers of our industry, endlessly enhancing our workmanship and customer service. We endeavour to maintain the highest level of professionalism, design integrity and ethical values in our relationships with our patrons.

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